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KOTA KINABALU: Independent assemblyman for Sukau Datuk Saddi Abdul Rahman said inclusion of 1MDB scandal into the history textbooks would indirectly teaching the young generations to cheat in order to be filthy rich.

Datuk Saddi Abdul Rahman. SNT File pix

While slamming Education Minister Datuk Dr Maszlee Malik for having the audacity to include 1MDB scandal in the history textbooks, he said Dr Maszlee should deeply and thoroughly look at the negative side of implementing such plan which is inappropriate and not suitable.

“Dr Maszlee probably has forgotten that the minds of young generation is fragile as some may be intrigued and interested to find out more about the scandal and the mistakes until the case was uncovered rather than learning about other important historical events.

“Instead of aspiring the young generations to heed lessons from the 1MDB scandal, these future leaders may take a different direction and may opts to learn how to cheat and avoid making mistakes by those individuals and some political leaders that were involved in the big case.

“That is why I was shocked and amazed when read the news about Dr Maszlee’s announcement to include the 1MDB scandal in the history textbooks which is unbecoming for him to even think about that when there are other pressing education-related matters which he should pursue to better our national education system,” he said here on Tuesday.

Saddi was commenting on Dr Maszlee’s reply to a supplementary question from Pontian MP Datuk Seri Ahmad Masla during a question and answer session in Parliament on Monday.

Dr Maszlee said in Parliament that the inclusion of the 1MDB scandal in history books is important, as it will help instil awareness and educate youth on the danger of “crimes” of corruption committed by previous leaders.

Saddi said people in the country would have more respect to Dr Maszlee if he highly consider to include Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) issues in the school history textbooks and the history of Malaysia’s formation and independence of Sabah.

He said including the MA63 issues in the history textbooks would benefit not only the young people in Sabah but in the whole country so that they would have better understanding of the history on Sabah and Sarawak rights in the MA63.

In fact, he said by doing so, national integration and mutual respect could be more instilled and enhance their awareness on the history of MA63 and formation of Malaysia.

“I believe we have been fighting quite a long time for the formation of Malaysia, and MA63 to be included in the school history textbooks.

“But until now, this aspiration of Sabah people for this has yet been fulfilled either by previous government and the new government.

“I think Dr Mazslee needs to wake up his brain now and see the utmost importance what the people particularly the young generations in Sabah and in the country should learn,” Saddi said.-SabahNewsToday