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BEBC Malaysia pushing for commercial rabbit rearing to uplift people’s economy

KOTA KINABALU: BIMP-Eaga Business Council (BEBC) Malaysia is pushing for commercial rabbit rearing as a priority agenda to boost the people’s economy in the State.

Its Chairman Datuk Roselan Johar Mohamed said BEBC Malaysia would be proposing this economic agenda in the next BIMP-Eaga meeting as it believes it is a doable agenda of extreme priority.

Malaysia – Indonesia to escalate trade talks … Roselan (fourth from right) with his counterparts in Jakarta during the trade discussion and business matching meetings

“We need to keep the people occupied with economic activities and improving incomes as well as livelihood,” he said after returning from a trade discussion and business matching meeting in Jakarta from May 26 to 28.

Roselan said there have been several success stories involving Malaysians who ventured into commercial rabbit rearing.

Among them was in Sarikei where the entrepreneur started out with just five females and one male rabbit five years ago.

Now, the rabbit farm is the biggest in Sarawak and has 5,000 rabbits of various breeds including New Zealand White, California and Chincilla.

Its monthly income is about RM50,000 as processed rabbit meat could fetch RM48 per kilogramme while live rabbit is selling at RM30 per kilogramme.

The farm catered both domestic and export markets.

Another success story was in Kulim, Kedah where a young man who upon completing his studies decided to venture into commercial rabbit rearing with a RM2,000 capital in 2014.

Now, at the age of only 28, Abdullah Syaraffi Samshir owned the biggest rabbit farm and meat processing centre in the northern Peninsular Malaysia.

Roselan said this was just some of the proofs that rabbit rearing is a feasible economic activity to help the people, especially those in the lower income bracket to improve their livelihood.

According to him, rabbit meat has similar protein content with chicken and higher than the meat of calf and mutton but lower fat.

Rabbit meat also has Vitamin B12 and B3 that increases metabolism system.

Roselan said BEBC would be working together with the Veterinary Services Department in assisting those interested on the technical part of the endeavour.

“Most important is that BEBC Malaysia wants to help the people to empower themselves economically,” he said.-SabahNewsToday