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BEBC (Sabah) Sdn Bhd JV with Chinese designer to redesign small homes ala resort style

By Chris Maskilone

KOTA KINABALU: A plan by the BIMP-Eaga Council to go into the housing sector about one year ago is bearing fruit following the signing of a joint-venture memorandum between a Chinese high-tech designer and BEBC (Sabah) Sdn Bhd.

BEBC Malaysia Chairman Datuk Roselan Johar Mohamed said BIMP-Eaga was never wrong when it admitted China as its third Development Partner. 

The Star Whispher model. SNT Pix/Chris Maskilone

“Ever since then, our joint relationship has been very strong and growing stronger.  Many within BIMP has benefitted from this extra-ordinary relationship,” he said here.

The original belt road initiatives have shown fruitful results and a new phase of high quality development was brewing, he said.

Wooden Whispher. SNT Pix/Chris Maskilone

“Whilst we are still adopting the earlier cooperations, there are signs that China is guiding us to focus on high quality and sustainability so that the platform can yield more beneficial results to the world,” he said.

On the joint-venture, Roselan said they planned to redesign small homes ala resort cabins for exports to the Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines (BIMP). 

Loft Hotel. SNT Pix/Chris Maskilone

“Our first shipment is due to be shipped into Kota Kinabalu on or about June 15th as show room model and the public will be invited for viewing.

“Our aim is to cater for those who are not able to own a house at the moment because our pricing are all below the RM200,000 per unit. 

Honey Comb. SNT Pix/Chris Maskilone

“We hope the public and resort operators  can register their interest with us and we can continue our discussions from there onwards,” he said

Under this scheme, prospective buyers should already own a small plot of land less than 3,500sqft.  Otherwise they can lease the plot. 

The Moon Box. SNT Pix/Chris Maskilone

“We are very grateful to Malayan Banking Berhad for having supported this idea by accepting to the end-financing scheme of 80-90 per cent   of value and depending on individual credit criteria,” he said.

Explaining the development, Roselan said the small home/resort cabin is equipped with integrated decoration, kitchen, closet and sanitation, water and electricity systems plus an optional household soft decoration. 

“It is a fully furnished house after assembled installation.  One need only to carry your bags to move in after installation completed.

“We use aviation aluminium as main structure and this can last more than 70 years.

“Our high quality aluminium offers higher strength, lighter structure, permanent function with no corrosion.  This quality aluminium is the same used in airplane and high-speed train,” he said.

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