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The Problem with Bribery

By Dr Hanudin Amin THE term bribery is referred to risywah that means an incentive given by one party to others to achieve certain benefits, implying the wrong is right and vice versa. Certainly, bribery is a major sin in Islam though there exist exclusions[...] [...]

Are cashback rewards halal?

By Dr Hanudin Amin PRICE discount or merely a discount is a traditional way used by businesses in attracting a consumers’ purchase. By definition, it is a price reduction for goods or services and normally it is described in the percentage form. One can see[...] [...]

The Prime Minister owes Dong Zong an apology

It was a very dark, and tragic, day of our country when the Prime Minister should describe Dong Zong as racist; it has merely articulated, the unacceptabilty of teaching Khat at Primary 4 of the school, a representative view of the Chinese community, at large.[...] [...]


The sharp increase in cost of living in recent years have become subject of heated debate in Malaysia. Many have come up with proposals to reduce cost of living. One of the many suggestions is to increase the minimum wage rate. In the recent budget[...] [...]