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Cooperation between KDCA and Warisan-led Government should continue: Pairin

By Chris Maskilone

PENAMPANG: Huguan Siou (Paramount Leader of the Kadazandusun) Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan hopes cooperation between KDCA and the Warisan-led State government in organising the state Kaamatan Festival this year will continue.

“We would like to see this continue every Kaamatan,” he said.

Pairin being greeted by political secretary to the Chief Ministet, Jo-anne Sue Henley-Rampas, Minister of Youth and Sports Ginger Poong, Likas Assemblymam Tan Lee Fatt and Sandakan MP Vivian Wong at the Papar House. SNT Pix/Chris Maskilone

To another question, Pairin said he will always be around during state-level Kaamatan festivals at Hongkod Koisaan, KDCA.

“Even if not physically but spiritually I am here,” he said when met as he made his rounds of the traditional houses today.

Last year’s Pairin was absent from state-level Kaamatan celebrations as it was right after the 14th General Election that saw the state Barisan Nasional government being replaced.

The 2018 Kaamatan Festival was virtually taken over from KDCA by the Warisan-led State Government.

Pairin being greeted at the Papar traditional house. SNT Pix/Chris Maskilone

When asked whether he would be making an appearance at the closing ceremony in Hongkod Koisaan, he replied, “is it necessary to make such an announcement?”

Accompanying Pairin on his rounds were Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) president Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili who is also a Deputy President of KDCA together with other party and KDCA leaders.-SabahNewsToday