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DAP Wanita KK organising Blood Donation campaign on May 24

KOTA KINABALU: The Democratic Action Party woman’s wing of Kota Kinabalu (Wanita DAP KK) is organising a blood donation campaign at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital II (QEH2) from 8.30am till 12.30pm this Friday (May 24).

Liling Wong, Wanita DAP KK chairwoman and also the organiser of the blood donation campaign, said the slogan for the campaign is ‘A Drop From You, A Life For Someone’.

“The reason to donate blood is simple…it helps save lives. The donated blood will be used to help people who are ill or injured, or who need blood for other reasons like undergoing surgery,” said Wong.

Wong noted that there has always been a shortage of blood in government hospitals, and that the situation will worsen during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan as there would be less donors who would come forward to donate blood due to their fasting.

“Therefore, there is an urgent need to replenish the blood bank during this period and ensure that there would be a continuous and sufficient supply for those who need blood during an emergency,” said Wong.

Wong said this would be the first time DAP Wanita KK is organising a blood donation campaign together with QEH2, and that they intend to organise more campaigns in the future depending on the turnout and response to this campaign. 

“I would like to hereby invite everyone to come join us in this blood donation campaign and to make it a success,” said Wong.

For further information or any enquiries on the blood donation campaign, please contact Liling Wong at 012-828 3331.-SabahNewsToday