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By Sitti Nor Azizah Talata

LAHAD DATU: More than 1,500 Lahad Datu palm oil industrial cluster (POIC Lahad Datu) workers are ready to take on the ‘Biggest Loser Challenge 1.0’ to promote the healthy lifestyle.

POIC Sabah Sdn. Bhd. Senior Executive of Corporate Communications Malvina Flant said the programme was initiated by the investors at the POIC in Lahad Datu.

Participants ready to take up the 6 months weight loss challenge. – SNT PIX/Credit POIC

She added diet and weight-watch are keys to good health and employees in an industrial park are being motivated to put words into action.

“With the slogan ‘We eat well, We live well, I Shape Me’, the programme launched here today (Mar 18) saw the registration of participants who pledged to eat well, exercise consistently and hoping to be the best performer when they hit the tapes and scales in six months’ time.

“The idea is to promote good health because we deemed it important not just for PEMA members in their respective work places, but also their being members of the emergency response set-up which demands a certain level of fitness,” she said.

Ben Uzair, a certified fitness instructor as well as a nutritionist, gave the participants a run down on nutrition and good and their relevance to good health, as well as an understanding of body mass index and calorie intake.

The participants were also given a brief and demo on circuit training and dance exercises by Ethan Rasywan, a certified fitness instructor.

PEMA, initiated with the help of the Fire and Rescue Department, was formed two years ago and has over 80 volunteers.

They undergo periodic safety and rescue training, including fire-fighting, and are meant to act as first responders in cases of emergencies.

Participating companies in POIC Lahad Datu also pledged resources, such as emergency equipment on their premises.

“We hope that the participants would also be encouraged and inspired and will lead others to adopt lifestyles that will incorporate visits to gyms, functional training centres and probably also lead to the establishment of other sports and recreation centres in Lahad Datu,” Malvina added. – SabahNewsToday