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PENAMPANG: Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Datuk Junz Wong called on Sabah restaurants to come out with more lobsters meals as one of the main food attractions for tourists.

“With aquaponic system, lobsters can easily be reared and offered as one the main attractions to consumers especially tourists at restaurants,” Junz said.

Junz signing on the plaque to mark the opening of the lobster nursery in Kampung Limbanak, Penampang. SNT Pix/Credit MAFI

“We should take advantage of the resources that we have and develop them into worthwhile and profitable venture,” he told reporters after officiating at the opening of the first ever Lobster Farming Nursery utilising Aquaponic System in Kampung Limbanak, here.

Junz said that MAFI blueprint aimed to produce organic, green, healthy, sustainable food supplies including lobsters.

Junz welcomed effort by private companies and individuals and congratulated GENS Farm team for their contribution.

“This is a very important development in Sabah aquaculture.” Junz noted.

He also said lobsters has a huge potential export market especially China.

Junz delivering his speech. SNT Pix/Credit MAFI

“There is a lot of potential in the aquaculture industry. Lobsters farming through aquaponic system is a good opportunity,”Junz stressed.

He said his ministry would support any effort that helped to develop the agriculture sector and he called for everyone’s involvement.

“However, every initiative must be market oriented so that our effort will be fruitful,” Junz pointed out.

In conjunction with the programme, an aquaponic training course on lobsters farming was also held attended by 80 participants.-SabahNewsToday