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PAPAR: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) wants the Election Commission (EC) to show some sense of urgency to include Sabah’s 13 new state constituencies in the electoral rolls.

The present State Government need to explain the reason for it still pending despite having been approved and gazetted by the State Assembly before the 14th general election.

Datuk Johnny Mositun. SNT File Pix

“As of  May 10, 2018 the Sabah State Constitution provided for 73 state constituencies but because the 13 new constituencies were not included in the EC rolls only 60 were contested in 14th General Election.

“Surely it might have affected the 14th general election results in Sabah, although we can’t say how for certain,” said PBS vice-president and Pantai Manis Division Chief, Datuk Johnny Mositun.

Mositun said it disturbed him to see the new EC Chairman, Azhar Harun, implying improprieties about last year’s redelineation of electoral constituencies in Peninsular Malaysia and wanting to correct them but saying nothing about the EC’s refusal or inability to list Sabah’s 13 new state constituencies in the 14th general election’s electoral rolls.

Mositun said Azhar should live up to his reputation of  being fair-minded and take up the matter with the Prime Minister’s Department if that is where the matter was being held up.

Mositun explained that it was the State Assembly’s prerogative and right to decide on the number of state constituencies but the EC would conduct the redelineation.

Once done the State Assembly would approve and gazette the changes,  amending the State Constitution accordingly.

The Prime Minister would then obtain the King’s assent, present it in Parliament after which the EC would prepare new electoral roles incorporating all the changes.

“Two years have gone by since the redelineation was done but no explanation has been forthcoming from the Prime Minister’s Office, the Chief Minister’s Office or the Elections Commission as to why the new constituencies for Sabah were not presented in Parliament while those for Peninsular Malaysia were. Why the double standard? ” he asked.

The former Deputy State Assembly Speaker said Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal, should prevail on the  Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir, to expedite the matter with the EC.

“The 13 new state constituencies is our right. There were no problems with approving the new constituiencies for Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak, but strangely there is a deafening silence over Sabah’s new constituencies.This is wrong,” Mositun said.-SabahNewsToday