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By Chris Maskilone

A screenshot of the posting, which Mamagun said has hurt the feelings of the Murut community. SNT File Pix

TENOM: An NGO here wants portal,  Sabahkini2.com to issue a public apology for a posting that it deemed degrading to the Murut community.

Pertubuhan Mamagun Sabah (Mamagun) said the portal’s posting on Sept 4, which had since gone viral insinuated that the Murut are indulging in black magic and had painted a negative image on the community.

President, Rudy Sulaiman Mairi said the portal had quoted one James, 46 said to be a voter in Melalap that Assemblyman Datuk Peter Anthony has been avoiding coming to his constituency because he was afraid of getting the black magic spell known as “lontong.”

The posting stated that “lontong” is a black magic spell that caused a person’s stomach to suddenly bloat.

Rudy Sulaiman Mairi. SNT Pix/Courtesy of Mamagun

According to Rudy, with Murut being the domimant community in Melalap therefore Sabahkini2.com posting had likened them as a black magic community.

The posting was clearly malicious and ill intent, which had shamed the Murut community in general, he said.

According to him, in the 21st century just like other communities, the Murut have progressed and well educated.

“Stories about black magic or lontong believed originating from the stone age no longer exist in this era. So, why cooked up such story?” he asked.

Rudy said Mamagun urged Sabahkini2.com to stop using Murut superstition as an issue to criticise Peter Anthony.

“The 14th General Election is over and the people have already chose their representatives in a democratic way through the ballot box.

“Give Datuk Peter the chance to administer and don’t poke fun at the Murut community as a way to get on his nerve or as the means to belittle him,” he said.

Towards this end, he said Mamagun will be lodging a police report to ask for a public apology from Sabahkini2.com to the Murut community.-SabahNewsToday.