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Extreme sport, Gelsoft stamped its mark in Sabah

By Chris Maskilone

KOTA KINABALU: Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Darell Leiking has given the thumbs up to the extreme sport, Gelsoft, which stamped its mark in Sabah on Saturday.

During the ceremony at Marriott Hotel here, Darell witnessed the launch of Gelsoft Sabah as well as the signing of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Sabah and Australia blaster for the partnership to manufacture and sell gel blasters.

Darell (centre) giving the thumb up as George (right) and Siva (left) exchanged documents after the MoU signing ceremony at Marriott Hotel here on Saturday. SNT Pix/Mohd Adam Arinin

Representing Sabah blaster was President of Sabah Gelsoft Association George Tann Junior while Gelsoft Australia was represented by its Chief International Officer, Siva Sara.      

Gelsoft, is a highly competitive team shooting sport that replaced paintball. It has become the latest craze among thrill-seekers and adrenaline rush junkies in the world.

Met later, Darell said he was pleased with the Gelsoft collaboration between Malaysia (Sabah) and Australia as not only it opened up the opportunity for more people to take up the sport but also for Sabah to become an exporter of the Gelsoft blasters, which is a battery-operated rifle used by players.

“It is an amazing extreme sport. The association is in the process of applying to the Government to manufacture Gelsoft blasters here in Sabah.

“Hopefully when this become a reality, they will not only manufacture blasters for the local players but will also export it. First, they need to sort out all legality issues with the police,” he said, adding that he fully supported Gelsoft Sabah Association’s move.

Meanwhile, George Tann Junior said they now have 35 registered teams with over 1,000 members throughout the State, which is expected to increase once the blasters and gel balls are manufactured locally in the state.

He said they planned to set up the Gelsoft blasters and gel balls manufacturing factory in nearby Penampang, which at the same time provide job opportunities to local youths, in particular.

George also believed it would also encourage more people to take up the sport.-SabahNewsToday