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How will issuing PSS solve the PTI problem?

TELUPID: ​Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) wants the Government to explain how the issuance of PSS (Pas Sementara Sabah) or Sabah Temporary Pass will resolve the problem of illegal immigrants in the state.

Party vice-president, Datuk Johnny Mositun, said Parti Warisan Sabah Treasurer General Terence Siambun should explain as he (Siambun) was critical of PBS over the issue.

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION… During the event, Mositun (right) also received membership applications from 203 new members. SNT Pix/Credit PBS

​“What is there for PBS to be ashamed of? We have always been vocal on this issue, when we were in opposition and also when we were in government.

“We have been consistent. That the issue has not been resolved is not for our lack of effort but because the power lies with the Federal Government,” Mositun said after officiating the PBS Division AGM here Friday.

Also present were Labuk State Assemblyman and PBS Labuk division chief Abdul Rahman Kongkawang and PBS Wanita Chief Datin Maliana Ugau.

Dismissing Siambun’s criticism of PBS as childish, Mositun said issuing the PSS was not the same thing as a Sabah IC that Sabahans had been led to hope for in the 14th general election campaign.

“The Warisan-PH government knows it does not have the legal authority or power to issue a Sabah IC, so now it is coming up with this idea of PSS to give people a false impression to deflect criticism,” Mositun claimed.

The former Deputy Speaker also questioned the figure of 600,000 PSS to be issued and wanted to know how the government had come up with this figure.

He said NRD records showed that as of 2018 there were 244,259 Sabah Inland Foreigners (SILF) of various categories including IMM13 holders who numbered 99,033 (54,132 active). 

“If as the Home Minister said the PSS was to replace the documents that SILF in Sabah are currently holding, why is the state government planning to issue 600,000 PSS?  

“Who are the uncategorised or unrecorded 355,741 foreigners in Sabah that will be issued with PSS? Illegal immigrants?” Mositun asked.

He said it was absurd to give foreigners a three-year pass when even fellow citizens from other states were given a one year visit pass that had to be renewed annually.

“RM120 is proposed for the issuance of each PSS. That is not exorbitant, and if it goes directly to the NRD or Immigration Departments it is alright, but what if,as rumoured, the process is sourced out?

“Will Sabah see a scandal like the alleged recruitment of Bangladesh nationals in Peninsular Malaysia, only here in Sabah it will be Filipinos and Indonesians,” Mositun opined.

Mositun said it was also puzzling how issuing 600,000 PSS to foreigners, including PTI, would see a drop in their numbers.

“So the government can say there are no more illegals since all will be documented after June next year. But all it means is these people who sneaked in, broke our laws, are rewarded with PSS to stay freely, work and repatriate their earnings to their home countries.

“How generous and magnanimous of this Warisan-PH government,” Mositun quipped.-SabahNewsToday