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Musa Aman vindicated by Auditor-General’s Report – Sabah Umno

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Umno Chief Datuk Seri Haji Hajiji Haji Mohd Noor said the 2017 Auditor-General Report on Sabah clearly disputes claim that the state’s finances were mismanaged by the previous administration.

He also claimed that it vindicated ousted Chief Minister Tan Sri Musa Aman.

Hajiji added that in fact the AG’s Report comes as no surprise as it is a continuation of similar reports for the last 15 years under the tenure of Musa as Sabah Minister of Finance.

Datuk Hajiji Noor. SNT File Pix

“It is not too far-fetched to even say that Musa was one of the best Financial Manager Sabah ever had. He managed to present a surplus Budget for 2018 despite the dismal price of oil back then and surplus accounts for 16 years in a row,” he said in a statement here Wednesday.

Hajiji said in terms of basic accounting that means the previous administration did not spend more than it earned, a far cry from Warisan’s claims that the State’s finances were badly managed and that the party was left with not much to fulfil their manifesto.

“If the new administration does not have the decency, nor the courtesy, to acknowledge the milestones of its predecessor, the least it can do is to not mislead the people.

“Nonetheless, in civil society, in spite of political differences, gentlemen still shake hands and give credit where credit is due,” said Hajiji, who is also Sulaman Assemblyman.

The 2017 Auditor-General Second Series Report released on Monday had stated that Sabah’s financial standing for 2017 was good. The State Consolidated Fund rose by RM390.64million or 16.2 per cent to RM2.80billion in 2017 compared to RM2.41billion in 2016.

Sabah Consolidated Fund also recorded a surplus of RM56.66million in 2017, resulting in the accumulated balance rising to RM3.80billion or 1.5 per cent, said the report, adding revenue collection also increased by RM444.44million or 12.9 per cent to RM3.89billion in 2017, the report stated.-SabahNewsToday