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Oleh Chris Maskilone

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Chief Minister Tan Sri Musa Aman said his medical treatment in United Kingdom and Singapore was not going to interfere with the court proceedings.

Musa however expressed disappointment with the High Court’s decision to reverse the Sessions Court ruling to allow him to travel abroad and continue with his medical treatment that had to be put on hold when he decided to return to Malaysia last year.

Tan Sri Musa Aman. Gambar Bernama

He returned to Sabah on September 5 last year to be sworn in as Sungai Sibuga Assemblyman and was arrested on Nov 5 before claiming trial to 35 counts of corruption involving RM263 million, in connection with timber concession contracts in Sabah and was allowed bail of RM2 million with two sureties.

“While I do not agree with the decision, I have to respect it,” he said in a statement here today.

He said it was a fundamental aspect of the criminal justice system that an accused is innocent until proven guilty.

“The presumption of innocence is not just a legal right but is also a fundamental human right. In this respect, I cannot help but feel that I have been presumed guilty until proven otherwise,” he said.

He said his medical treatment started in the UK last year as a follow up to the treatment with his doctor of choice in Singapore who has treated him for more than 22 years.

“This was allowed by the Sessions Court judge earlier who understood the merits of my request but unfortunately on revision, the High Court Judge denied it. Surely this should not and cannot be the right position.

“I have always put my trust in the rule of law and I believe that no one should be deprived of the right to seek and continue medical treatment by the doctor of his choice especially when treatment has started and it does not interfere with the court proceedings.

“The issue of running away or evading the authorities do not arise at all. I came back in August 2018, against my doctor’s advice, to assist the authorities and perform the duties of an assemblyman.

To date, I have given my full cooperation and informed the authorities including the MACC even whilst I was abroad seeking medical treatment and immediately upon returning to the country,” he said.

“I now have to notify my doctors in the United Kingdom and Singapore of this recent development. I will seek their advice and consult my lawyers on the next course of action,” he said.-SabahNewsToday