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Paper expresses regret but Warisan questions sincerity

By Sabah News Today

KOTA KINABALU: The Daily Express has issued a clarification, apologising for the report entitled “Sabah Leaders Didn’t Complain : Dr M” published on August 17, which it admitted was based on assumptions.

The report had incurred the wrath of Federal cabinet members from Sabah because the report written by Daily Express chief editor James Sarda stated as though they have never raised issues involving Sabah and nation to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister’s quote in question was:
“As far as I’m concerned, they (Sabahan representatives in the federal Cabinet) did not say anything (about various current issues).”

The words in bracket were based on assumption, admitted the Daily Express.

In a statement, the press secretary to the prime minister Endie Shazlie Akbar said the prime minister was not referring to Sabah ministers in the federal Cabinet when he was responding to a question posed to him during a press conference during his visit to the Red Q building in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday.

Hence, the apologies from the Daily Express.

However, Datuk Liew Vui Keong’s Special Officer Norazmi Alimat said it was regrettable that the said article also misled other opposition law makers into believing Datuk Liew Vui Keong had attacked the media by shooting the messenger.

Norazmi Alimat. SNT File Pix

“Clearly, James Sarda was not a messenger
but an instigator to stir up unnecessary tensions and dispute.

“It is regrettably that James Sarda has refused to retract the misleading article nor offered any sincere apology to all the Sabah Ministers in the federal cabinet.

“In addition, James was untruthful when he claimed he had sought clarification from Prime Minister’s office. When in fact, it was the Press Secretary to the Prime Minister, Endie Shazlie Akbar who requested the managing director of Daily Express to clarify James Sarda’s misreporting,” he said in a statement here.

Norazmi said he applauded journalists who were neutral and objective in their reporting.

“However, I urge all Malaysian to come together and reject news reportings that contain disinformation.

“To ensure high standards of integrity in professional journalism, James Sarda ought to retract his article, personally apologise to the Prime Minister as well as all the ministers he had wrongly accused,” said Norazmi who is also an exco member of the Parti Warisan Sabah youth.-SabahNewsToday