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PBS condemns fictitious FB postings

By Chris Maskilone

SANDAKAN: The act by certain individuals who created fictitious Facebook postings with the intention to mislead people have been condemned by Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS).

These individuals are hiding behind fake accounts and used certain apps to create posts attributed to two PBS leaders, vice president Johnny Mositun told the media here today.

Datuk Johnny Mositun. SNT File Pix

The two leaders, PBS Secretary General Jahid Jahim and PBS Information Chief Joniston Bangkuai became victims of the plot when both were made to look as if they posted private messages on their Facebook pages condemning Usno leader Pandikar Amin Mulia as well as Umno and PAS leaders.

The screenshots of the alleged posts were uploaded by a user under the name Erangel Gill on Wednesday.

In the posts, Jahid allegedly said ‘PAS and UMNO bring negative vibe to PBS Campaign, PBS Shouldn’t have agreed to work with them’ while Bangkuai was accused of saying ‘Tan Sri Pandikar view on Sabah and Sarawak as 1 of the 13 state in Malaysia was solely his. Not PBS. We would like to stress and take legal action against anyone who linked Tan Sri Pandikar with PBS. PBS does not welcome Tan Sri Pandikar’.

Both Jahid and Bangkuai who were accused of allegedly making the posts on Tuesday at 9am have denied they have ever written such posts and even updated their pages to notify their followers.

Mositun said the party suspected the fake account belongs to certain political parties but did not say which ones.

“The purpose of this heinous act was to pit opposition parties against one another. This is a desperate act from a desperate party. I am surprised they are willing to stoop this low,” he said.

He advised the political parties who resorted to such action to stop and be more professional instead of spreading lies upon lies among the people.

Mositun added that the Sandakan by-election has revealed the real faces of the New Sabah and New Malaysia.

He said Bersih 2.0 only condemned the incident where Warisan campaigners were caught using police boats to travel to Pulau Berhala but the election watchdog may not realise there have been several other breaches committed, particularly by Warisan.

“For example, the vehicles used by the chief minister were marked with the special car number plate Ketua Menteri even though the chief minister was not attending official government events.

“The car was used to attend a political campaign last night. It was neatly parked near the campaign event, with the number plate Ketua Menteri clearly visible.

“If this is not a misuse of government vehicles and machinery, I don’t know what is,” he said.-SabahNewsToday