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Penampang Bersatu lends a helping hand to Kolopis fire victim

PENAMPANG: Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) Penampang is doing all it can to assist  James Juanis Majamul whose family lost everything when fire razed their house to the ground more than a week ago.

“We will also be bringing up this matter to the relevant authorities to see if we can secure an emergency PPRT home allocation for the victims as this an emergency,” said its chief Senator Datuk John Ambrose.

Ambrose (four from right) presenting the contributions to Majamul and family while Penampang Bersatu committee members look on. SNT Pix/Credit Penampang Bersatu

“Also, we will work on getting the road that leads up to the kampung where the family resides to be upgraded.

“It is still unsealed and frequently floods when it rains, making it difficult for small cars and motorcycles to enter the area,” he said.

Ambrose said this after visiting Majamul’s burnt-down home in Kampung Boliga, Kolopis, here, on Sunday.

Majamul and his family are currently staying in a tent there.

Accompanying Ambrose were Srikandi Bersatu Penampang Chief, Luvita Koisun and Armada Bersatu Penampang Chief, Ceasar Mandela Malakun along side committee members of the party.

“The fire happened on August 11 and thankfully there were no casualties, however I was made to understand that the father of the owner of the house was in the house when the fire started, but was able to leave in time without injuries besides inhaling heavy smoke.

“I hope that there will be more people coming up to help the victims of this terrible tragedy and help them get back up on the their feet as the house was completely burned down along with all their belongings and they are in need of daily kitchen and food necessities,” said Ambrose.

During the visit, Ambrose and entourage presented contribution in the form of foodstuff and kitchen utensils besides cash donations from party members.

Ambrose looking at what used to be Majamul’s house. Note in the background is where the family is putting up now. SNT Pix/Credit Penampang Bersatu

In thanking Ambrose and Bersatu Penampang, Majamul said he felt blessed to see people coming to help his family in these trying times and was very grateful for the contributions that have come their way.

“I would like to thank Datuk John, Luvita and Mandela for their assistance and support towards me and my family during these hard times and I pray that their kindness and generosity will be repaid by God.

“Now our family only needs basic necessities especially food and clothing for my children who are aged 13, 11 and eight years because everything was lost during the fire.

“The generosity shown to us has greatly helped boost the morale of our family and we are slowly getting back up on our feet to rebuild our home,” said Majamul.

Meanwhile Koisun said the donations presented to the family was merely the tip of the iceberg of what they need in order to rebuild their home and lives.

She assured that the Srikandi is determined to support the family in any other way they can.

“I hope that support from all quarters will continue to pour in for this family, especially from the Government and local authorities,” she added.

Penampang Bersatu Armada led by Mandela (centre) giving a helping hand to Majamul. SNT Pix/Credit Penampang Bersatu

Meanwhile, Mandela is calling upon youths in and around the district to come forward and assist the family in any way they can.

“I hope youth communities and NGOs in Penampang will come forward to help the victims as they are still currently staying under a tent next to the remnants of their burnt down home.

“Even a little will do a lot for this family,” he added.-SabahNewsToday