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PKR Sabah Wanita calls for gag order on sex videos

By Chris Maskilone

KOTA KINABALU: PKR Sabah Wanita Chief Rahimah Majid has called on party president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to impose an immediate “gag order” to prevent party leaders from engaging further in mudslinging match openly.

She cautioned that if the ongoing mudslinging contest among the PKR leaders are not immediately curbed, it may undermine the party’s integrity and ultimately leads to its downfall.

Rahimah Majid. SNT Pix/Credit PKR Sabah Wanita

Having said that, she nonetheless fully supported PKR vice president Zuraida Kamaruddin’s recent remarks that Santubong Youth chief, Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz, would have been sacked from PKR if she were the party president, but had conceded to the party’s wishes to follow due process.

Haziq had made a video confession that it was him and allegedly deputy president Datuk Azmin Ali in the sex videos that have since gone viralled.

Azmin who is the Economic Affairs Minister has denied the allegations claiming it was meant to destroy his political career.

The matter is still under police investigation

“I fully support Zuraida’s statement as it is only appropriate that Haziq be sacked from the party after he admitted to the indecent act in the viraled sex videos, which is also against the law.

“If the party fails to act swiftly and resolutely against such disgusting act, it would inevitably send out the wrong message as if the party is protecting Haziq despite having publicly and shamelessly admitted to such indecent act,” contended Rahimah.

In a statement here Wednesday, Rahimah who is also a PKR Central Leadership Council (MPP) member cum Kudat PKR chief rebuked PKR women vice chief Datin Faezah Ariffin for saying disciplinary action should be taken against Zuraida over her remark on the sex videos.

“By right, we in PKR should give our full and undivided support to Zuraida, instead of attacking her like what Faezah did in her emotional and hostile statement against Zuraida,” said Rahimah.

She added that Faezah’s statement was tantamount to a personal attack and did not reflect the true nature of PKR’s struggle which exemplifies “party unity” as its strength to serve and fight for the people.

While acknowledging that the consensus of the political bureau to follow due process was made collectively, Rahimah contended that it should not prevent someone from expressing his or her personal views on the matter.

“As a matured democracy, we should be able to ‘agree to disagree’, what more when there’s strong basis in Zuraida’s comments to ensure justice for all PKR members,” she said.

She reiterated that a firm and swift action should be taken by the party, particularly the president against Haziq whose actions had severely tarnished the party’s image and credibility.

“We are not questioning our party president’s credibility, but it is just to prevent the party from being ruined by internal squabbles induced by a certain unscrupulous individual with selfish agendas.

“I therefore call upon all PKR members to be as one united force to fight against all elements which are attempting to divide and undermine the party, in order to fortify the party which we loved and built together in the last two decades,” she said.-SabahNewsToday