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SB officers are not barred from attending CM’s public events

By Chris Maskilone

KOTA KINABALU: The government has at no point barred special branch officers from attending the Chief Minister’s public events and press conferences at such public venues.

The Press & Publications Office in the Chief Minister’s Department in a statement issued here today stated there was no such policy; neither was there any instruction from the Chief Minister.

The statement stated that it was not the current government’s policy to prevent anyone from attending such press conferences, as after all what is disclosed at the press conference is public information

Towards this end, questions have arisen as to whether a coordinated attempt is being made by certain bloggers and media to destabilise the Parti Warisan Sabah-led government, said the statement.

Such suspicions have gained traction in recent days after a blogger attempted to pit the state government against the police force, setting off a chain reaction in the media that has since drawn misleading statements from politicians.

The statement further stated that it was therefore quite clear that the blogger conjured up this so-called ban to provoke or create bad blood between the government and the police.

The statement also pointed out that a news portal that broke the story had ran it based on hearsay spread by the blogger known to have personal agenda and motives.-SabahNewsToday