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SB officers attending government or Warisan events need to identify themselves, thats all: Junz Wong

KOTA KINABALU: Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Datuk Junz Wong said there are no issues about special branch personnel attending Parti Warisan Sabah or government events “but they should identify themselves.”

Clearing the air on claims that Special Branch officers were barred from party or government functions, he said that the only condition was that they identify themselves.

Datuk Junz Wong. SNT File Pix

“We can’t have people coming to an event claiming that they are journalists.It will be misleading,” he said in a statement here today.

Junz said that they have to identify themselves to party organisers as they were from the  police and not as journalists.

He said there have been instances when unknown individuals attended press conferences and pretended to be reporters.

“For this reason, even if they are police officials, it would be better to make themselves known instead of acting as if they are members of the media,” he said.

Wong also denied that cases of Special Branch personnel being banned from attending press conferences conducted by Warisan leaders happened all the time since, to his knowledge, it was only on one or two occasions.

At the same time, he said everybody, including the Special Branch are welcomed to attend government and Warisan events.

“It is not about stopping people from coming to our events.

He said press conferences were specific events held by the government and the party from time to time to inform public of government plans among others.

“There is nothing secret in a press conference. It is for public consumption” he quipped.

The Tanjung Aru assemblyman said that the issue was for those to admit their identities at events,” he said.

Junz also noted that genuine media practioners at times do not have space in alloted media tables at functions as their places are taken by Special Branch personnel.

“Some media have complained but due to politeness, they do not ask the non media person to leave the media table

“The genuine media practioners end up standing or leaving the function, ” he said.

Junz said that if such personnel came and  informed government or party officials of their presence, such embarassment could be avoided as specific space can be alloted for them.-SabahNewsToday