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Telupid water treatment plant and its water intake facility in dire need of attention

By Chris Maskilone

TELUPID: The Water Treatment Plant and Ulu Maliau Water Intake centre here are in dire need of a total upgrade to address frequent water supply disruptions in the district.

Making the call, Upko Beluran Chief Felix Joseph Saang said he visited the district Water Department here recently and found out that the reason for the district always experiencing water outage was due to various factors at the facilities.

Felix (centre) looking at the water intake point. SNT Pix/Credit Upko Beluran

“There are only one or two pumps functioning and without back up or necessary spare parts in the event the water pumps broke down it will further prolong down time at the intake centre,” he said.

Felix was made to understand that the intake centre now has four water pumps but not all are functioning properly.

“I was also made to understand that the Telupid Water Department has already submitted proposals to address these problems to the government since 2010.

Felix looking at one of water pumps during his visit to the water utility. SNT Pix/Credit Upko Beluran

“However, until today there has been no solution forthcoming,” he said.

Apart from that, Felix noted the road leading to the facility too needed attention and he worried that it might collapsed at anytime.

“The centre needs 45,000 litre of fuel each month and it is a challenge to send the supply due to the road bad condition,” he said.

“We also found out that the Telupid Water Plant is facing a critical problem as it is frequently flooded and that its eight pumps too always breaking down.

“Besides that the water distribution pipes to consumers are quite old and in a bad shape,” he said.

Felix (third from left) and his delegation with the district water officers during the visit. SNT Pix/Credit Upko Beluran

Felix believed that a total upgrade, new water pumps and replacement for the water distribution pipes as well as proper maintainance of the road would be able to address water supply disruptions.

The government should also consider connecting the facility to the SESB power grid since usage of generator set is not practical in the long run, he added.

“We realise the government-of-the-day has not even reach two years but the upgrading and repair works are necessary for the comfort of the people in Telupid,” he said.-SabahNewsToday