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The Prime Minister owes Dong Zong an apology

It was a very dark, and tragic, day of our country when the Prime Minister should describe Dong Zong as racist; it has merely articulated, the unacceptabilty of teaching Khat at Primary 4 of the school, a representative view of the Chinese community, at large.

In fact it is very unbecoming for the government to respond, as racist, to this very legitimate view of the Chinese community.

If this government is serious in improving the educational system, then our students must be imparted with knowledge that would make them more competitive in the region, and globally.

Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai. SNT File Pix

Yes, we would like ours children to learn as many languages as possible, such as Jawi, Latin, French, Spanish etc. But in reality, no one would deny that the existing school time table of our students are already overloaded.

Proficiency in Khat will not achieve the objective of making our students more competitive in the job market. Unless, of course, the government has a different objective altogether in wanting the students to learn Khat.

Instead of insulting Dong Zong by calling it racist, for merely articulating the view of the Chinese community on Khat, this government should refrain from behaving in this very racist manner themselves.

It is very sad, and disappointing, that the Chinese representatives in the present government are also forcing the issue of Khat onto the unwilling Chinese community.

This is a betrayal of the mandate, entrusted on those Chinese YBs, to look after the interest of those very community, who have elected them into the government in the first instance.

This government should respect the constitutional rights of everyone. This includes having a different view on Khat.

By calling Dong Zong as racist is wrong and dangerous. It shows the blatant disregard of the right, to even just expressing a view, of the Chinese community.

Deputy President
Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS)