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KOTA KINABALU: United Pasok Momogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) should stop denying its mistake of abandoning Barisan Nasional.

Datuk Daniel Kinsik.SNT Pix/Credit PBS

Instead, newly elected Parti Bersatu Sabah Vice President Datuk Daniel Kinsik stressed that Upko should accept the fact that they had betrayed the grassroots for their own personal gain.

“Upko is still in denial. Stop. They abandoned BN, a betrayal to not just us, their ‘family members’ in the coalition, but also the voters,” said Kinsik in responding to Upko Information Chief, Datuk Dr Laurentius Nayan Ambu’s recent statement.

Ambu had reiterated that Upko’s decision to jump ship and joined the Warisan-PH coalition was done to meet the people’s voice of majority for change.

He also stated that PBS President then, Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, has led its party out of BN on the eve of 1990’s general election.

“Yes, PBS exited BN in 1990, but that was a gentleman’s move. We left the coalition before the election and used our own flag. Don’t say that PBS is no different from Upko when it comes to betrayal, because PBS is far more sincere than Upko.

“If Upko wanted out, the party should have left before the general election, not after using the BN manifesto and funds. When you won, you sell your soul for political mileage,” Kinsik pointed out.

He added that this was the right way to count the majority of people’s support – whether the voters would continue to support Upko when they are not part of the BN’s family.

“My advice to Ambu is to stop ‘mengampu’ (sucking up). Upko need to face the reality that you betrayed the voters. If you really want to test the market, you are most welcomed to retire and resign, seek for re-election and see whether they would still can command the people’s respect and support.

“Upko must realise that two PBS seats (Kiulu and Tamparuli) and one UMNO seat (Sulaman) helped secure their President’s (Datuk Seri Madius Tangau) win for the Tuaran parliamentary seat, which he won under the BN ticket. We call for his resignation and return the mandate to the grassroots. Lets see if he can repeat his victory without our help,” Kinsik stressed.

He said Tangau’s recent attempt to get the KDM’s support to secure the Deputy President’s post in the Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association (KDCA) failed miserably when he scored the lowest votes against Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili, PBS President, and Datuk Seri Clarence Bongkos Malakun.

Kinsik said Upko had always justified their action, despite implications of their negative move, by saying they wanted to defend the rights and positions of the KDM community.

“May we remind you that when Tan Sri Musa Aman formed the govt on May 10, his main cabinet sworn in included two ministers each from PBS, Upko and Umno, and one each from PBRS (Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah) and Sabah STAR (Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku), who are all KDMs.

“When Upko jumped ship, they swapped eight KDM ministers to only four KDM ministers in the Warisan-led government, namely two each from Upko and Warisan. If I do the Maths rights, eight is greater than four, which means we had better representations then than now.

“Even some government agencies heads, headed by KDM officers, are now replaced by people from other ethnics. So what KDM rights are you talking about? Where is Upko’s defence and claim to defend the KDM community?

Kinsik therefore urged Upko leaders to wake up and stop from being in denial.

“It’s time to face the fact that you indeed betrayed Sabah and Sabahans,” he concluded.-SabahNewsToday